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On this page (3) we will seal the fondo to prevent more corrosion and prepare the treble key-valve pallets to be re-padded.

Painter's tape protects the finish, then we spray lacquer to seal the surface.

We tape and get ready to spray.

We are prepared to wipe away any excess drips and go again.


One cigar box is for the white key valve pallets, and one is for the black key pallets, since they are different shape.

We keep the pallets for each treble row separate.

These treble key pallets turned out to be fragile, so we decide to use an iron to soften the wax to get them loose from the valve rods. One that was damaged is being clamped and glued.

A soldering iron can help remove the pallets from the valve rods.

One was previously damaged shown next to a possible replacement from spare parts bin.

We found sparepallet we can modify and use.

A rasp like this is sometimes used to loosen the old felt and leather.

A rasp is a handy tool for removing the old pads.

Fingernail polish remover can soften the plastic glue someone used in the past in trying re-glue few pads that were loose.
Most of them could be pulled off without filing.

Try nail polish remover on bad glue.

The two styles of treble key-valve pallets are counted and in their respective boxes.

The pallets are counted and ready.

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