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Now let's keep on repairing the treble keyboard

(Captions will now be over the pictures instead of under them)

We tape over the holes in the reed carriers to protect the pad under them on the other side of the fondo.

We tape the holes in the reed carriers.

We might replace the pad later anyway, but for now it will be protected from the procedure of cleaning the aluminum key valve plate on the other side.

We are putting back the taped-over reed blocks

Let's wipe the plate down with some rubbing alcohol. If this were to get on the leather pad on the other side it might damage it. Never use wood alcohol (shellac thinner) near the plastic finish of an accordion.

We wipe down the accordion key valve plate before sanding it.

A single-edge razor blade is a good tool to scrape off some of the crud.

We use a flat blade to scrape any lumps off the treble Valve plate.

We use some medium grit sandpaper on a rubber block to remove more oxidation from the aluminum.

A 3M[R] sanding block is quite a handy tool for sanding down the <i>fondo.</i>

We have sanded the metal down as much as we dare without risking weakening it.

We sand off as much oxide as we dare.

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